My Manicure Essentials

I've always loved painting my nails, it really calms me and my hand's pretty steady so I think I do pretty good job.  My nails also grow really fast so as much as I love having a chip-free gel manicure for a couple weeks, the re-growth drives me crazy.  If I can get my regular polish manicure to stay for a week I'm a happy camper.  

I purchased the Sephora Formula X System last fall and have been loving it since then.  The Nail Cleanser, Base Coat, and Nail Color are amazing and the Top Coat isn't too shabby either.  The Nail Cleanser removes all traces of oil, leaving the nail bed prepped for polish.  The Base Coat leaves a nice sticky base for the polish to adhere to and all the Nail Color polishes I've tried so far have been easy to apply and very smooth.  The Top Coat is pretty good too, I just prefer the Seche Vite.  The Seche Vite is a classic staple.  It dries fast and leaves a long-lasting shiny finish.  And last but not least, the OPI Drip Dry Drops were life-changing for me.  A few drops with this a minute after top coat and in 5 minutes your manicure is set.  It's not 100% dry, but enough to continue with your day.

This combination of products leaves me with a chip-free manicure for an entire week.  Now if I can only find a miracle remover product for glitter nail polish removal...

What are your manicure essentials?