My goal with this blog is to always bring you the most honest, transparent reviews and information possible.  As a freelance beauty professional, the type of work I do varies greatly.  I'm lucky enough to work with some amazing companies and their products.  My association with these companies never does and never will affect my opinion on their products.  One of these companies is OLIV ARÉS HAUS of GLAM.  

OLIV ARÉS HAUS of GLAM is a beauty brand with a full collection of luxury makeup brushes and lashes.  This post will briefly go over their brush collection, with in-detail reviews of the brushes and overview of the lashes to follow.

The brush collection consists of 22 high quality, Japanese, handmade brushes.  Each brush was thoughtfully designed and created according to the highest standards.  These brushes have spoiled me for life.  They are the softest, most lush brushes in my entire brush collection.  I've had hundreds of brushes throughout my years as a makeup artist, and these are the brushes I reach for the most often now.  My clients love how soft and luxurious they feel on the skin, and they really make a huge difference in how a product applies and blends.

Some of my favorites include the Julia Olivares Signature Powder Brush, Benny Hancock Signature Flat Contour Brush, #13 Small Flat Eyeshadow, and #22 Flat Duo Fibre Brush.  My personal favorite is the #3 Small Round Powder Brush.  I just love its size and versatility.  I honestly haven't come across any brushes that are even close to this quality at this price point.

You can check them out and shop for them at olivareshausofglam.com!