BeautyBlender Love Affair

The BeautyBlender.  Who knew a teardrop shaped sponge could make such a huge difference?  I don’t really remember when I bought my first one, but I don’t think I really appreciated it until last year.  I went from having one or two, rolling around my vanity to having a full blown collection of them.  I stock at least six in my kit at a time because I never want to be without a clean one.  I have three sitting on my vanity right now. 

What makes this pink (or black or white) sponge so special?  I think it’s the combination of the density of the sponge, shape, and texture.  It really does create a flawless texture and finish to the skin and lets your foundation look like skin.  I also love using it instead of a brush because it doesn’t disturb the skin’s texture.  This is excellent for people who have dry patches, flakey skin, broken skin, and uneven texture.  Because you’re just bouncing the sponge against the skin, you’re not microexfoliating the surface of the skin. 

I also love how it blends all my products seamlessly into the skin.  It dissipates all harsh lines and just leaves flawless skin.  It’s really important to use this dampened to get the perfect blend and finish. 

My preferred method of BeautyBlender usage is as follows:

  • Apply foundation with a buffing brush (if the client has dry, flakey skin, I will apply foundation directly with the sponge)
  • Dab concealer under eyes and on any areas that need extra coverage
  • Bounce/blend the BeautyBlender concealer into the skin
  • Powder with BeautyBlender – I love using the BB for powder application.  I find that it never looks cakey and it sets my makeup perfectly.
  • Apply powder contour/highlight and blush with appropriate brushes and bounce/blend with BeautyBlender

I find the BeautyBlender really helps to create a seamless canvas with minimal effort.  My clients also tell me they love the feeling of it bouncing all over their face.

Cleaning one is a bit of a pain, but totally worth it.  I squirt a generous amount of Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap, massage it in, and rinse clean with warm water.  I wash it after every use, which is why I have more than one rolling around!

BeautyBlenders are available pretty much everywhere, but I prefer to pick mine up at Naimie’s or Nigel’s because I buy them in bulk!